Book A Paint Party

At NubianQueenArt LLC, we host paint parties for both children and adults.

NubianQueenArt LLC is a mobile paint instructor where I travel to your desired location

There will be a travel fee of $30 if travel is more than 30 miles from our home location which is in Williamstown, NJ.

Prices are listed below:

Children: $20 per painter (8X10" Canvas)
Adults: $30 per painter (16X20" Canvas)

The minimum for a paint party is 10 guests.

Time Length of Paint Party is 2 hours long

Everyone must RSVP at least one week prior.

*There is also a $50 deposit to hold your spot that must be
paid at the time of booking.

*The theme/picture of the painting must also be chosen at the time of booking.

Virtual Paint Parties
I am pleased to introduce 'Virtual At Home Paint Parties' at NubianQueenArt LLC during these unprecedented times.

I will be hosting the 'Virtual Paint Parties' via Zoom.

The cost of ($25) includes Instruction (via Zoom) and one 11x14" 'At Home Paint Kit' with chosen design for the paint party.
For Children the cost is $15 per paint kit

Everyone will have to sign up and RSVP for the event so that we can have a head count on who will be attending.

*The minimum is 10 people for this event*

A design must be chosen for each painter.

*One design per paint party

Time Length is 2 Hours Long

Direct inquiries can be made via the form provided in the 'Contact' section of the website.

An email can also be sent to us at:

We look forward to instructing and painting with everyone !!
Link for paint party is listed as below:

In person Adult/Children Paint Party
Virtual Paint Party